Wet-seal ACM Panel Systems

Wet-seal ACM Panel Systems

The primary method of exterior wall construction used today is designed around providing joint sealants that allow the various exterior cladding components to act as a barrier to resist all air and water infiltration — much like a submarine.

  • All ACM panels are fabricated using AutoCAD design, computer optimization software, and two modern CNC machines for optimum efficiency and precision.
  • Panels are routed and shipped to your location flat, with clips and accessories, for bending and assembly.

Glass and Stainless Handrails

Glass and Stainless Handrails

CenterLine Systems consistently serves the construction industry with a specialized approach to sourcing and fabricating architectural glass and stainless steel railing systems.

Having supplied railing for some of the largest projects in the region, our wealth of experience provides us with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide both exceptional customer service and unrivaled results.

EVO Fabrication and System Sales

CenterLine Systems

EVO by APS Dry-set and Pressure-equalized ACM Panel Rain Screen System Fabrication and Sales

  • All ACM panels are fabricated using AutoCAD design, computer optimization software, and two modern CNC machines for optimum efficiency and precision.
  • EVO System extrusion components are made from recycled aluminum content to meet LEED requirements.
  • Custom lengths available with the order minimum.
  • Panels are cut, routed and assembled, then crated and shipped to your location with all clips and accessories for installation.
  • Support team and training available for installation.

DFI Glass Coating

DFI Glass Coating

Diamon-Fusion is an optically clear, protective coating that transforms ordinary glass or silica-based surface into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. By filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface, Diamon-Fusion creates an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that protects surfaces from stains, corrosion, and other environmental pollutants. And just like a non-stick cooking pan makes cleaning easier and less frequent, so too will Diamon-Fusion reduce cleaning time and the frequency of cleanings.

Glass Plates Before and After Treatement

DFI Features:

  • Diamon-Fusion is a patented, low-maintenance coating that will accentuate and protect any glass surface.
  • UV resistant so the glass won’t break down in sunlight.
  • 100% optically clear.
  • Chemically inert; adds more surface brilliance.
  • DFI coating increases glass performance by creating a smoother water repellant surface for easier cleaning as well as reducing friction coefficient for better scratch resistance.
  • 15-year standard warranty on commercial IG glass.
  • Lifetime warranty on residential installations.

Concrete Splash Test

Starting this test with a clean and clear glass sample further demonstrates the protection against concrete splatter. You can hear the rocks hitting the glass and adding to the impact.

Application Method: Vapor Deposition Chamber

  • Coatings can be applied using state-of-the-art chambers to treat silica-based surfaces including glass, tile, porcelain, granite, and quartz.
  • 75 glass panels can be treated at one time on all sides with virtually no labor.

Curtain Wall and Storefront

Curtain Wall and Storefront

A glass curtain wall is a light-weight aluminum-framing system that houses glass or metal panels without supporting the weight of a roof or floor. Instead, gravity loads while wind resistance transfers weight from the surface to the building’s floor line. Usually, curtain walls comprise part of a building’s wall system.

Curtain Wall and Storefront Fabrication Capabilities

  • Direct import of CAD files for hole locations for CNC.
  • Includes hole placement for customized sunshading systems.
  • Hole locations (+/-) .016 tolerance.
  • Fabrication options from partial to complete fabrication of the system.
  • Customer or vendor-supplied materials.
  • The system can come pre-fabricated or shipped ready for fabrication.
  • Unitized, utilizing 983 quick-cure silicone, is available now.
  • Able to be shipped to a commercial carrier or client-preferred location.